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Timing - running hot


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I have a problem which shows itself as a starter motor (hi-torque) getting very hot to the point that the thermal cut-out kicks in and I need to let it cool down until it will restart which is a pain; especially at traffic lights. I run a 3.5 V8 in a lightweight and have fitted the exhaust branches and the last part of the main downpipe with exhaust wrap plus a heat-shield yet it still happens. The engine temperature as recorded by the water temp gauge and the Pacet fan is fine yet on a motorway run, the oil temp gauge gets upto just below the red. There is absolutely no sign of boiling over which is odd as if the oil temp was right, I would have thought that the water would have boiled over before the oil got to this temperature.

I have been advised that the timing may be the problem and that a V8 which is not timed up correctly can run hot. I have checked the timing and it is at 8 degress BTDC as per the manual. It runs electronic ignition (not sure which but I think is lumenition).

I am out of ideas and hoping that someone may have some thoughts on the subject. The 8 degrees assumes of course that the timing marks are correct which I know is sometimes not reliable. Is there a way of checking the timing manually against tdc on No1 cylinder when electronic ignition is fitted?

Many thanks.

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A friend of mine has a v8 in a lightweight and he had to cut louvres in the bonnet to aid cooling.

Do you have a manual or auto gearbox? I have a similar problem in a Volvo auto and concensus seems to be that it is the interlock switch on the box that is is iffy at high temperatures.

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