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PRC6913 (Again) in Disco 200tdi swap


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On the PRC6913 I have from a '90 Disco the wiring colours are the same as defender EXCEPT for a Brown/White wire <_< - I'm assuming this is the dash light feed but thought I'd check first before plugging it all in. (Its going into a 110 with a disco 200tdi unit)


Thick: Brown and Yellow/Black the same as Defender

Thin: White/Red to ignition

White to fused supply

Black to earth

Brown/White to WHERE?

Or if you point me in the direction of a Disco wiring diagram to confirm that would be equally good!

Thanks in advance :)

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Guest diesel_jim

I just looked at the Nicks Jungle 200Tdi installation page but it doesn't mention the colours (as his loom plugs directly into the defender main harness)

My RAVE doens't have the 200Tdi disco either.

but anyway, one easy way to tell, is to plug the rest of the loom in, and stick a voltmeter between the brown/white cable in question, and onto an earth. turn the ignition on, and see if 12v appears for 3 or 4 seconds.

that way, you won't melt anything if it's not what you thought.

then even try holding a small bulb across it (and earth), see if it lights.

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From the schematic the White with red tracer goes to the crank position on the ignition switch (it's connected to the starter relay) and not an ignition controlled supply.

The white goes to an ignition controlled supply and to one side of the cold start warning light.

Just doing this job myself (Isuzu 2.8TD in to 1990 3.9EFI) so this string has been very useful.


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When doing my Tdi conversion, I connected the timer as per Haynes which is the same as on the shown diagram. It didn't work, so I connected the black wire to earth and the black/yellow to a separate warning light. Been fine for a couple of years now...

The original glow plug warning light is earthed and lits up when the key is held i heater position, whereas the Tdi light is the other way around - always fed when ignition is on and lit up when earthed through the timer.

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