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Chassis Protection, which way to go?


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Hi all,

I'm currently in the process of cleaning my chassis (rear section), due to having the complete rear end off I'm looking at applying some type of protection on the chassis.

I realize waxoyl is a good protection for the chassis, but what should be applied underneath it :unsure:

The chassis has been buffed, which has in some areas evened the old waxoyl out! My main concern is that if I was to just paint on a primer or undercoat and then apply the waxoyl on-top, in the not so distance future this will slowly start to peel off.

My idea was to use a primer first, then apply a rust-guard and then apply the waxoyl on-top, but as the chassis has only been buffed there is still rust visible.

Is there anything I could use which would prolong the chassis under the waxoy and stop the rust coming through or is it a matter of cleaning and maintaining the chassis yearly?



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You want rust guard, primer, paint then waxoyl.

Something like Red Oxide Paint First, hammerite do a red oxide primer which does the rust guard stage and primer together, then a few good thick layers of paint will protect it. Then if you still want wax oyl do that after, we didn't bother with wax oyl on the outside but pumped it inside the chassis to get to the bits we couldn't paint

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When I did mine I wirebrushed (on a grinder) all rust back to bare metal. I then applied a coal-tar based rust paint - Lowe Rost. This is used in marine and agri industries in Ireland.

I then applied black waxoyl mixed with 5 - 10 % new engine oil.

I used a schultz gun and an old schults container to apply this.

The waxoyl dries out to a slightly tacky texture.

Needs replenishing around the wear areas every year.

If there was any waxoyl on the chassis then paint won't stick, so I'd either remove it, or, most probably, apply a new coat of black waxoyl on top.


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