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110 rear drum brakes

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Before last MOT checked rear drum brake shoes and then went to adjust the pads up. The adjusters just turned and did not move the shoes, In the end I gave up and had my mechanic adjust them for the MOT.

I then sent off for a new snail cam adjuster kit. Fitted it yesterday to the right hand side and guess what. It does not adjust the shoes at all. It appears that the snail cam is not touching the peg on the shoes.

I took the left hand drum off to look at those snail adjusters to compare. Front one works a treat and one can see it move the shoe out when you adjust it. The rear hardly moves the shoe but you can feel the clicks. With drum back on one can adjust the shoes into contact so the drum does not turn and back off the cam two clicks.

Problem is new adjuster kit has not solved the problem on the right hand side.

1. Looking at it, it could it be bolt holding the snail cam on in the kit keeps the shoes too off the peg. Can I grind down the bolt to bring the shoes and the snail adjuster closer or is this a bad idea?

2. Looking at the old adjusters they do not have have any wear marks on the contact facing side. Could it be that I have the incorrect brake shoes and the pegs are not long enough?

The shoes where numbered from memory 3096B and 3096D.

I know also have the problem that the drum back on the right hand side it is a bugger to move, can't adjust the shoes and my brake pedal is as a consequence spongy as hell.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Hi, I was having the same problem in my 110 until I checked (amongst other places) here......


YES, I had put them on the wrong way too!

AND I aplogise for jumping the gun with CBE'S question a page back.....I was so keen to help, I didn't

notice he had said 'pads' and not 'shoes'!



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