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I also have the choice to have it upgraded at the same time. IS this worthwhile?

Depends on what it costs and what the upgrade will consist of. An extra £400 for upgrading the paint finish would not represent terrific VFM IMHO.

Got any more details of what is on offer and for how much dosh?


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Guest diesel_jim

Water cooling and ceramic bearings help them to withstand higher boost, but don't over do the fuelling as EGT's will melt the rest of the engine.

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Other common mods are 360 deg thrust bearings and cut back wheels.

In fact all the parts are readily available if you want to re-build it yourself, a T20/25 Garret repair kit is around £80.00 with the gaskets.

There's a wealth of info out there, if you need help send a PM. I can send you a pdf with photos.


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