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300TDI induction parts diagram

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I am trying to piece to gether the induction hoses (from snorkel to airbox to turbo to intercooler) on my 200TDi.

Unfortunately, it is a Disco engine in a 90 and it is mounted 6" further forwards than the "normal" position. This leads to a distinct lack of space at the front for airboxes etc. :(

I have heard that the 300TDi airbox is mounted on a bracket behind the engine? This would be ideal for me.

Could some kind soul post up the exploded diagram showing the pipe runs for the whol shebang? I am hoping to steal some of the parts to make up my own system... :blink::blink:


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Guest diesel_jim

300Tdi parts:


Prices for above:


If you fancy blingy twin air intakes, here's the wolf parts:

post-130-1219692686_thumb.jpg (PS... the wolf filter housing is sealed, it has a different end cap on it, more of a dinner plate shape than the civvy version, with no drain bung. the whole thing is about £300!!! :rofl: )

If you're interested, i've got a 300Tdi filter can which i welded on another intake, as i used to run with twin snorkels on the old 90.

the "extra" pipe comes out at about the 2 o'clock position, and the pipe runs over the back of the engine bay to the N/S, i had mine tucked up behind the heater and up through the wing.

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Now that's not a stupid idea!!

Would you be so kind as to add it to your list? :lol::lol:

Wasn't sure how much of a purist you were so didn't think about mentioning that. I have a RR airbox, sits infront of the block, where the viscous would be. I welded a straight piece of tube the right dia to match the rest of the snorkel. Works for me.

I even did the welding myself without the supervision of a grown up. But to be sure I smeared a thin layer of silicone over the weld to be sure ;)

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