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P38 DSE - Intermittent Loss of Power


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Hey Guys,

Am new to this forum but would like your perspective on an issue I'm having with one of the "fleet".

I recently purchased a 1995 2.5 Diesel P38 she was sweet as a nut on the test drive, and then the 15 miles home was fine. Then on a 200 mile trip there was some odd loss of power, where you would only get any decent power between 1750 and 2000 RPM. If you were on the flat you could just about maintain speed but forget going up a hill. Most hills were reduced to 2nd gear and we're talking slight inclines, not mountains!

Anyway the problem has got steadily worse, from what was an intermittent problem its almost like its now only intermittently OK! It's an embarresment to drive frankly.

To date I have done the following:

Changed the Oil

Changed the Oil Filter

Changed the Air Filter

Changed the Fuel Filter

Changed the radiator (radweld the seller put in had worn off after 200 miles!)

When running fine she overtakes well and the performance is nearly that of my 4.6 HSE helped by the manual g/box.

I'd like to know what to check next, I dont really know where to start with Diesels, although have tried my best checking hoses etc (they are present!)



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