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P38 R/R Sport grille conversion


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Hi, I have seen on ebay R/R Sport grilles converted to fit the P38, I have just purchased a R/R Sport grille, has anyone done the conversion, I could really do with a guiding hand before I take the hack saw to it, any info welcome...........Thanks

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far as i'm aware m8 those kits on e bay are made to fit straight on without any mods.

I've been looking at those too for the p38. Let us know if its a straight replacement, I would expect it to be as it's advertised as a P38 part.

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I can appreciate the grill conversion (been thinking about this myself, I know my local mechanic has a spare grill lying about), but less so the side vents.

It's starting to look too much like a Freelander 2, and altough I like the Freebie as is and consider it a decent replacement for a P38a (size and comfortwise it's probably a closer match than the L322) I think it does deduces from the P38a's inherent flair.

Having said this, I must admit I have added an airvent to my V8 as well, but I chose a black one from a Defender and placed it where the air intake is.normal_PICT0004~2.JPG

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