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Heater problem


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My heater motor is running slow..............

It runs about a thrid of the speed it should

But in all settings

As you turn up the motor it gets faster but on the fastest setting it is as fast as the normal slow setting

Can anyone help me with this please as i know next to nothing about electrics

Cheers in advance


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Mine did this, turned out to be a very goosed heater motor.

Me too (on a 200tdi Disco, but same system as some RRCs) and then it stopped altogether. When I got the motor out the rear bearing had about 2mm of play in it :o

Changing it out was a full two day job for me (if you are quick you could do it in one I guess) with steering wheel/switches, console, instruments, dash and seats all out, and a 2nd hand motor/fan assy cost me about £45 on eBay :(

I hope that in your case it's a bad connection :lol:


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Is the motor actually going slower than it should or is it just not blowing as much air as it should?

I thorught the motor or resistor in mine had packed up, but it just turned out that the grub screw holding the fan onto the motor had come loose and it was just friticion that turned the blades a bit to get a fraction of the of blow it should.

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