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Disco 2 - Clock light

Andy J

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i have a small but irritating problem with the clock light in my Disco. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. Clearly the bulb is ok but has anyone experienced this before and know how to fix it? Is it one of those common faults (hopefully) that has a relatively easy answer - or have i just bought a Friday afternoon build :-)



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Most likely it's a dodgy contact between the bulb and the connector.

Get a new bulb (comes with a holder) part# YAW000020, £2, take out the clock (same trick as on 300tdis), replace the bulb+holder, check if it works, wiggle the connector, the wires and the bulb a bit to check for improper connections (clean/repair if necessary) and put the clock back in. Job done.

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Hi There,

I also had this problem, the new bulb didn't fix it for long.

The new ones are a little shorter on the metal contacts, and so drop the connection after a day or two. I examined it carefully and found that the contacts could be pulled and tweaked to make a much better connection. All is well with my clock now.

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