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Thrust bearing Housing


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Dear All

I have to renew the thrust bearing on an early series 2a gearbox.

The nuts and bolts that retain the housing seem to be of a certain age and none of my metric or imperial sockets/spanners seem to fit.

Can anyone confirm what size the nuts are before are start cursing and swearing rounding them off?

All of the nuts seem to have a circular top to the head of the bolt which I am presuming is some kind of early version of a nyloc nut.

Many thanks


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You need BSF/Whitworth spanners.

Bolts, screws and studs that nuts screw onto will be BSF, where studs screw directly into a casting the thread will be Whitworth, the coarser of the two.

A stud screwed in ally with a nut on the other end will have BSF at the nut end, Whit at the casting end.

Spanners are labelled for the screw size, e.g 1/4 BSF fits a BSF nut screwed onto a 1/4 in dia bolt. Whitworth are the same, but there is usually a size difference. IIRC Whit heads are bigger than BSF for the same diameter screw, so a 1/4 bsf spanner will also fit a 3/16 whit nut, but I'm open to correction on this.

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1/4"BSF and 3/16"BSW are the same hex size on the old pre war standard, after WW2 the hex size is the same on both BSF & BSW of the same diameter.

Front cover nuts should be 1/4"BSF for the lower 3 nuts and 5/16"BSF for the upper 4 nuts. The nuts are an all metal self locker rather than nylocks.

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