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2006 Range Rover Service indicator reset


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I've just done my own oil and filter change - does anyone know how to reset the service interval dash indicator warning on my 2006 R/R 4.2Litre S/C without resorting to taking it to a garage or dealership to reset via computer?

I've heard it is possible to do it through a sequence of turning on and off the ignition whilst pressing the trip reset or some other button.

If anyone knows how to - I would appreciate on knowing the steps to take...

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I used Advanced Search on the rangerovers.net forum.

The terms were Service Interval Reset.


The first return was your query, the second return looks promising, but one poster does admit he has never used it himself.

In a later contribution in the same thread another poster suggests an possible alternative method.

Good Luck

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Your right, there is meant to be a way without using main dealer computer. I not heard of anyone having any success though. I don't think my mate could do it with either his RovaCom or AutoLogic; although later software may now do this.


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