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Oh B4lls!!! - Quick help re wheelnuts


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Help! I've broken the two 'splines' on the inside of my wheel nut adapter (for the 1 'locking' nut on each wheel).

How can I get a new one to fit my nuts? I need to change the TRE tomorrow!

Help! :(


The adapter should have a number/letter (can't remember) stamped on it. They can be ordered from a dealer; might not be much help for tomorrow though. They don't like repeated/heavy use of air guns.


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Ah yes, I see it now - thanks.

Anyone got a number 85 adapter they don't need...???


Thanks, Al.

Edit - good plan fridge. I was thinking of welding a bar to the nut.

I've managed to get a wheel nut off with a chisel, don't know if there's enough space there to do it.

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Ta Fatboy - I went and got some locking wheel nut remover 'sockets' from Halfords. Note to anyone in the same boat - you needan impact air gun to get results.

Track rod end now changed ready for my MOT retest. I just need to get the other 4 off now, and find some replacements.

Anyone got 5 non-locking regular, normal, freelander wheel nuts lying around?

Ta for all the replies.


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