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Lightening a defenders steering

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Yes the motor has power steering.

I am using a 13 inch steering wheel as im 6 ft 9 and cant fit in the motor and drive comfortably with anything bigger.

I compete in trials and want to be able to turn the wheel quicker to get full lock faster.

Is there any way of re-valving the power steering pump or steering box?

Or are there any mods to give better steering lock?

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If it's just a trialler then there's all manner of nastiness you can do that will give it a boost - I've heard of drilling out the port restrictions in pumps or adjusting the pressure relief (although not sure by what means). There's also things like using pumps from other vehicles that have higher flow or higher pressure as stock (the Rover PAS pump is rather weedy). Some of these things can shorten the life of your steering box (esp. seals) or pump so there's always a catch.

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