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you really need to know exactly what temp it opened at by sticking a thermometer in the water too, it should open at 82 degrees, if in doubt, just stick a new one in, they aren`t expensive... you could try running without a thermostat in to see if that helps, but the overheating might not be down to the thermostat anyway.... could also be: blocked or missing rad fins, air lock in the cooling system, faulty viscous fan, water leak. or it might not be overheating at all and it might be a faulty gauge or sender or dodgy wiring....

are you loosing water, or using water?

if you wiggle the electric connection on top of the temp sender does the temp gauge reading change (mine does... :rolleyes: )??

is there any antifreeze in it???

have you done anything else recently to it???

if you start it up + run it (from cold) without the expansion tank cap on can you see a steady stream of bubbles coming up through the water????

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