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newbie disco 1 owner

joe sharpe

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firstly like to say hi to all,

i have just bought a 3 door 1991 200tdi disco low miles full service history etc.

having looked at it a bit better i have seen a few things which need doing i would appreciate any views etc ,to do things myself or take to local garage,

1:2 front shocker turrets

2:front n/s wheel bearing

3:oil leak on back axle (oil on brake disc cover)suspect oil seal???

4:no light on dash when diff lock engaged

thanks in advance joe

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1. easy nuts and bolts job, unless you snap the studs off the retaining turrets!

2. not hard to do yourself

3. leaking hub seal I should think - again not hard to do with normal tools

4. diff lock switch probably u/s, easy to change

Check out the technical archive forum on here, you will find step by step guides to many things in there :)

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If i were you i would buy some coil spring retainers as well when you do the turrets mate as you will snap the bolts as they are made out of cream cheese and my diff lock switch had just wound its self out of the t box housing,the center console has to come out if you want to see what your doing but it can be done from underneath if you are good with your hands,dont make it to sensetive when you put it back in or when it heats up you will get permenant diff lock warning light(caused a little panic on mine when the mrs drove it with it on for 40 miles)you will know what i mean when you get there.Before you start on that job check the bulb hasnt gone though.

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Haven't you heard of punctuation or capital letters? They are all on your keyboard if you look.

A bit harsh Les!

usefull advice none the less i think.U

Grammer and punctuation may not be his thing but lets not put people off when it comes to imparting their knowledge to others.

Edited to say i have been a member on other forums where very experienced and handy folks have felt forced to either leave or not post up their experiences due to geting a flaming for their grammer.

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Well said skanny,to be honest i have been offended by jims comments as im currently recovering from a motorcycle accident two years ago and i am on a very high dose of morphine due to my external ilizarov fixator attacched to my right leg,im not after sympathy here.My point is that my shoddy punctuation is the last of my worries,and the morphine makes you feel heavely drunk all the time.If you dont like the way i punctuate mate do yourself a favour and just dont read my posts.RANT OVER!!!

P.S skanny that diesel pump you sold me was spot on mate thanks very much

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Oh really? My first post on this thread, so I don't think so :angry:


Oops Sorry i got you confised with Jim!

Can i edit it somehow?

I cant seemt o do it once someone wlse has posted after me.

is that right?

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