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retro air-con fitting

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does anyone have any experience of retro-fitting air con to an old 110 csw???

i`m just at the "seeing if its worth it" stage at the min, the 110 will in future be used in france/spain + africa, so thought it might be handy to have especially with 2 under 5`s in the car...

the thing is i`ve just bought a 200tdi engine, and with it came the air con rad + fans, condenser, heater box, air con pump and all the pipes and wiring... the only thing i can see is missing is some sort of control unit for on the dash...

its a 1989 110, but i forgot to ask what year car the engine was out of....

also am i going to have problems with the heater box? the 200tdi was from a disco...

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the 110 used two different facia, different from the post 2007 facia. One which blanked off the vents and had the airco coming out of the dash panel, and one which was located below the dash. I believe the dash panel one was for the 'one ten' 110's, while the 'Defender' range had the airco below. Condensor would be located in the passenger footwell in the 'Defender' range, no clue on where it would be in the 'One Ten' range though.

As for the 'heater' box, I believe that the piping would have to be placed in series, to blow hot, but dry air...

Good luck and let us know how you get on. I am seeing if this conversion is feasible for my 110 as well...

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