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I'll show you mine


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I really need to get out to some more P&Ps and laning with a camera, most of the recent pics of mine are in the yard at home driven up a ramp checking clearances. This is one playing in a ditch at home after finally cutting the arches for the swampers.


It was cars you were refering to wasn't it :ph34r:

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It went under the knife a few years ago and had a bum tuck.

Had a make over last year, Land Rover Bronze Green.

3.5 on carbs, the only engine that sounds better than my old Bob Tail is a Harley Davidson.

Looking good.. Who done your "tree guard" as the insurance people would say. :rolleyes:

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*looks around nervously* :blink::blink:

YES B) B) B) B) B) B)

Oh good. I have been known to get the wrong end of the stick.

Adding another dimension to this thread, here is a bit of footage of mine in action.

And no I wasn't going to post a different vedeo if Bobtail's replay had been different.

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Have you tried them in anger yet, do they catch.

Have you strenghened the half shafts.

Its got red and white springs on the rear with 1" spacer and green stripe on front whick gives it about 2" lift

And a 50mm body lift

But just got some (i think scorpion springs there orange in colour)

so will fit them as soon as it stops Raining

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you mean you were on the pushing end of one of them fancy pushing ropes?

range rovers never get stuck :rolleyes:

this was mine halfway through making some 35's fit under the arches nicely.


and this is after its first run out with the 35 AT's on:


managed to bend a few bits in melton mowbray laning! didnt get stuck even when it popped a slring and horseshoed a trailing arm! :P

needs some attention to the rear brake calipers just now, and the winch bumper fitting before it goes on a stand at petebog.

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