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Renting space to work - help!

Northern Paul

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Evening one & all,

With the prospect of getting my 90 back soon (resplendant with new gearbox...) I want to get a crack on & finish a bunch of jobs that I have been meaning to do for ages... :rolleyes:

However, a change I circumstances means I'm long termish temporarily back at my mum & dads & the first thing I want to do is repaint the beast. I'm going to roller paint it (its ex-military) but want to sand it down & do a good job. They are adament that I can't do it here :unsure:

Sooo, I need to rent short term (a few weeks) somewhere like a barn or outbuilding but I have no idea where to start - is it a case of go ask some farmers? Do these sort of things get advertised? I'm not from a farming background & my parents live in suburbia. Any ideas on where to start? Based in Doncaster, would like power/light. What are people paying when they've done this...?

Any help/advice gratefully recieved, Paul

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I'm afraid it's a case of driving around and asking in person. Writing letters does not seem to work - and the only space that gets advertised is expensive!

Don't be put off by the odd farmer giving you a hostile reception - most are quite jolly! If you know any Farmers, or anyone else who knows one - a personal introduction works wonders.


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What he said. Just go and ask.

If you want to get technical, you can drive around looking for barns and then use the land registry online to find out who owns them.

I just got a new workshop by asking at a farm.

If you were closer, I'd suggest you just come and use that!


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