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Wheel Weight - Freestyle

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I am trying to design a light weight camping trailer. MAM will be 750Kg and it will be un-braked. Just to carry camping stuff when the back of the 90 is full of people. It's not an expedition trailer.

As it has a low MAM I need to keep the weight of the trailer itself down but would like the wheels to match if not too heavy themselves.

Anyone know the approx weight of a freestyle alloy wrapped in a 265 BFG AT?


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I'd guess about 25kg to 30kg per wheel and tyre. I could weigh one of my MT's on alloys if critical but it would be a bit of a pain as I would have to take it down to work to some big scales, so if a guess is good enough I won't bother...

I don't think the alloys will be much different in weight to a standard steel wheel, yes aluminium is lighter but the wheel is several time the thickness to keep sufficient strength....

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