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Help wont start

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Ive been given the horrible job of trying to fix my mates 200tdi defender thats been submerged in water. Ive changed all the oils and filters and blasted all conectors with water repelants but its currently still displaying some strange traits.

1. It wont start on the ignition, there is a single click from the starter when the key is turned and thats it. I have put a new battery on and bashed the starter but to no availe. The landy starts fine if you bump start her but just not on the ignition.

2. When the landy gets going she is fine until you come to turn her off. Turn the ignition to stop and take the key out but she still keeps running. Could this be the stop solinoid on the fuel pump?

Any ideas welcome as i am quickly developing a hatred of land rover electrics.



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To me it sounds like there are still some electrical problems

1. Feed +12V (fused, if possible) to the starter relay and see if the starter engages and turns the engine; this will rule the starter out

2. If you turn the ignition off and the engine doesn't stop then either disconnect the battery or disconnect the plug to the shut off solenoid valve. If the engine stops then it's an electrical problem (shut off solenoid gets power even with ignition off). If the engine doesn't stop then the valve is at fault.

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If the starter solenoid is clicking, running a 12v fused feed to it is only likely to elicit another click. The way to prove the starter itself is to use a jumplead, if you jump from the battery cable to the starter terminal on the solenoid and the starter spins, it's the solenoid. If the starter doesn't spin, it's the starter motor itself.

Oh and I don't think disconnecting the battery with the engine running is a good plan, the alternator could run away and roast your electrics :blink: I'd stick to disconnecting the stop solenoid.

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Right time for a small update. I have now got the landy to start and stop when you want it too!! It turned out to be a absolutly knackered starter motor. It was seized solid and even on the bench we couldnt get it to unseize. The stop solenoid was also the culprit for not stopping.

Now onto the rest of the electrics.....

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