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Cheapskate NAS lamp units

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About 18 months ago I got a set of these for about £60 which seemed good value. Cannot remember supplier so they are safe. Anyway they seemed a bit cheaper than I would have hoped and eventually got six of them fitted. The stop/tail looked a more serious type of cutting out so I had not got around to fitting them, which was a blessing in disguise.

On Wednesday I lost my front o/s indicator. I assumed a dodgy earth was the problem but on deeper investigation I found the connector for the live feed to the bulb had simply rotted away :ph34r: - it is only 1mm thick tin stuff. I nicked one from the set I had not installed and so am now legal again BUT if one has gone the others are sure to follow shortly.

Can anyone give a personal recommendation for better units that are built more robustly. I want to go LED so perhaps that is the route but to be honest LED would have suffered same problem with the feed rotting if built so miserably. I do like the NAS look - call me shallow! - so want similar but the ones that have big LED units behind the lens do impress with their visibility.

I am inclined to re-replace them all with something that will last the pace since losing a light is not a good thing to happen!

Any recommendations etc would be really useful.



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Ive got a set of NAS lamps on the back of my truck, been there for 2yrs! Ive replaced numerous lenses thru damage but never had any probs with the internals of the lamp holder. Only probs Ive had with lights are the quick release durite connectors continually pulling out of the crimps. Only have these fitted to front later style clear lamp/lenses. On the rears I had soldered tails onto the lamp holders & sealed with silicon. To this day never needed to touch them(shouldnt have said that)

The last lot of nas lenses i ordered were britpart & thought they were poor in quality. Honestly not htat bothered as I usually replace them every few events thru damage. Best ones I had were the wipac branded items from Boltonbits.They still trade in LRO. Not sure which brand they sell know tho.


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I just picked up a "brand new genuine" set from Craddocks on eblag, 29.99 for the regular side/tail/indicator set + 9.99 for the fog + reverse lamps.

They are marked 'LEP ENGLAND' or PEREI (fog / reverse lamps), which I believe is L.E. Perei Ltd.

I don't think there is any difference between NAS and late UK spec Defender (not including headlights of course which would probably be SAE/DOT pattern rather than E-code), mine is actually a late ex-MOD FFR and the original lights also appear to be 'NAS spec' Perei (although the PO had 'spliced' - as in twisted the bare ends of the wires together - a couple of earlier units on one side in order to flog it :angry: waiting for some replacement connectors from Autosparks to arrive so I can finish fitting).

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I keep hearing about NAS Lamps etc, not really sure what they are oe why they are superior tio the cheapo plastic thingies - which do seem to crack if you so much as cough to close to them :(

Can you put up some pics and extol the 'virtues' iof them :) ?


There larger than the standard units , and give a better light , but mainly its for the looks :)
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I bought a set of 12 genuine LR NAS lights in 2000 when they weren't widely available as an aftermarket item, they are made by Le Peri and after about 6-years two of the bulb-holders had rotted away as you describe but these are available as a genuine LR part for about £1 each so repacement was both easy & cheap.

I am looking a the full LED ones (I won't be buying mine from Bearmach as they are available cheaper through various outlets) and I don't think they will use a similar arrangement as the fly-lead will connect directly to the circuit-board.

Unfortunately the reverse lights are about £50 each and as I have a pair it makes them even more expensive, worth it though.

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Am I being thick here? You can get Perei units from Dun-Bri better price than Bearmach but they only seem to do stop/tail, front and rear indicators. They do not seem to have a front sidelight unit from what I can see.

I am puzzled as to how one kits out a Defender where you need 2 rear and 2 front indicators, 2 stop tal and 2 front sidelights.

Feel sure I must be missing something. I need to solve this and also check the dimensions of my current plinths since it does not look as though the plinths come with the lamps but the web description is not clear unless you know precisely what it is you are buyin.

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No, those are military ones Nige, Beastie is talking about NAS lights.

Beastie, Perei do the reversing light too, use that with a 5w bulb in it for the sidelights. My Perei units have been in for nigh on 6 years with plenty of off roading without even a blown bulb !


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Go on then edgeuucate me some mor :P


I thought these were the glass type ones.....in a screw in metal base ?

Curious - pics would be good


Those are mil spec lights and bl**dy expensive unless you have a friend in the know

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Good ones are made by Perei and the carp ones are made by Wipac (suppliers of cheap electrical rubbish to the Land Rover fraternity )


I stand corrected, perei are the ones I had originally & superb quality.Have had a few wipac lenses coming adrift from the bowl section.

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Hi Mo

I had wondered about using reversing light or even clear direction indicator but I very much want to go LED so the board on both these options would be for equivalent of 21W whereas I would be wanting 5W equivalent I think for sidelights.

Main reason for LED would be enhanced brightness and also such a very low current draw that if sidelights left on overnight (accidentally) then battery would not be flat.

Still a bit stumped. Bearmach seem to do a clear front sidelight so may end up going that route.


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Not that cheap....

But when they turn up next week I will have Land Rover 60th rear light conversions for sale.

All clear lens LEDs including the reverse and fog lamp - and unlike the 60th, my kit will also come with clear LED indicators. All wiring will be included so will be a plug and play on all Defenders. The units are very well sealed, and have a superseal plug conection.

As per this picture:


They are not even avaliable from Land Rover yet!! ;)


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I really like the military lamps, they seem fairly rugged and ever so easy to change a bulb.

Nice but too easy to change a bulb, in fact at a few shows trucks were returned to with no lenses or bulbs. (difficult to drive home legally) The military liked them for the early vehicles as the maintenance schedules dictated that the bulbs were replaceable without tools of any kind.

The headlight bowls and rims on ex-mil lr's are similar with a bayonet type fixing.

to stop thieving sorts you can put a self tapper through military bug eye lenses or just swap for NAS spec £8 each (not genuine) or plasticy bits £3 each.

at the front fit a set of lamp guards to slow removal.

think these look familiar from my many receipts?

smaller lights with stop tail holders (multiplug)

XFD100100G Stop/Tail Lamp Assembly - Defender from MA939976

XPB100190G Bulb Holder - 5/21W - Stop/Tail Light - Defender from MA939976

AMR6513G Front Indicator Lens And Body - Defender from MA940005 (1995)

AMR6514 Front Side Light Assembly - Defender from MA940005

bigger NAS lamps

AMR3850 NAS Lamp Plinth - Round Reversing/Fog Lights

AMR6526G NAS Stop/Tail Light - No Plinth (AMR3850) - Defender

AMR6527G NAS Indicator Light - No Plinth (AMR3850) - Defender

AMR6528G NAS Front Side Light - Includes Plinth - Defender

AMR6521 NAS Reversing Lamp - Round - Defender

AMR6522 NAS Rear Fog Lamp - Round - Defender

you need a bag or two of locknut plastic square clips which I drilled a 6mm hole and then filed the corners square to fit the small lamps

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