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gearbox oil doh


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as this is my first landy which is a ex mil 109 which i have taken back to bare metal and repainted....today as it still at work waiting for various jobs doing to it i decided to replace the diffs and transfer oils....it does whine abit as all landies do but in putting in low ratio ie 4 wheel drive it tends to whine more and not really happy etc...personally i think its low on oil as it drips under the transfer area. both diff oils were brown/grey colour and yucky....the transfer box was actually full but dirty...replace all the oils with fresh ep90 and it feels better to drive and also better in 4 wheel mode...forgot to do gearbox oil ....thats because i am use to modern cars now...lol

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Remember: don't use GL 5 specification oil. The additives in the GL5 oil will corrode the brass and bronze in the syncros at temperature.

If you can't get GL 4 in your motor factors then try an oil distributer in an agriculturial area: my Castrol dealer supplier 20 litres EP90 to GL 4 for 70 euro (50 pounds?).

I think GL5 will do for swivels and steering boxes, but not for diffs and gearboxes.


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