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What size spanner?

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There's a a fuel line in and out on my 110 fuel tank with a coupling on each, to allow removal of the tank. What size are these coupling nuts? a 14mm is too small and a 15mm is too big. a 9/16 A/F fits in a kinda way, which is how i removed them (but definately not right!). Are they whiworth or something?

Both sides of the coupling are a different size too.

And whilst were on the subject, when did Land Rover go metric? I seem to have a mixture on mine, and some of them are obviously original, not accessories.



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land rover are very strange like that, they never really did decide when to standardise, my series 3 has a mix of metric/imperial and the carried on like this, the propshaft nuts/bolts on defenders, even up to the td5 (not sure about puma but would have thought that with new drivetrain came new bolts?) are 9/16ths!! every other vehicle manufacturer can decide on a set of measurements to standardise on, but not land rover :P. As for the fuel lines, just find a spanner that best fits, you may well find its whitworth, i have a few of them on my series which just seems stupid to me but hay ho.

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