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Pics required

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Hope these help. Let me know of you need more photos. Are you just drilling a hole or fabricating the handle cutout as well?

The first has some measurements then there is a unmolested image. Then an inside image

Center of the lock hole is 3.5 inches from the bottom of the handle cutout and 0.8 inches from the handle cutout at the 3.5 inch level.





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Guest diesel_jim

These bad boys? :


I've got (this) pair in the garage gathering dust... you want them Tony?

Got some push button ones too, the type with a "triangle" base and a kind of "loop" thing where the door catch locks into.

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Yes please Jim

And Mo

I'm unsure but think they are anti burst

I'll take some pics tomorrow

the catches I got are very different from the ones in Jims pic

they have a black case around them.

the doors are the ones in the first pic on this thread:


Got them for a good price and they are far better than mine, a small amount of work on the frames and they'll do for a while

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Guest diesel_jim
Yes please Jim

I'll fling them in the post in Monday Tony. I think they're anti-burst type. not 100% sure, but either way, surplus to requirements here.

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Do you want some Paypal to cover costs etc?

Tony as the striker plates were when i gave you them that is how they are fitted ,you will have to drill new holes for them .

I have just done the opposite to what you are doing and i fitted the door put the latch onto the door and then shut it (firstly making sure it is square /flush etc) and marked around the striker then open the door offer up the striker to the marks made and then mark where the holes are to be drilled

sorry if im teaching you how to suck eggs

or if you want bring them up here and i can show you how they went on


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what type of locks do you have?

the strikers diesel jim is offering you are different to the locks posted by 110 usa. the ones pictured ould use strikers like in eightots pics. the ones in diesel jim's pic are for the a different type of lock.

the ones i describe above are early 110/military type (2 piece door), however there is a different type (usually in gold passivate finish) that goes with the strikers diesel jim has pictured.

quite easy to confuse, even with my chassis no. my land rover dealer supplied the wrong ones. the gold passivate type lock/handles are about £15 and the millitary ones are circa £60 from your local dealer.

having now looked at the pic of the doors you have, they're not 2 piece so i think those strikers jim has kindly offered will be correct for your application, making the drivel i typed above not very useful.

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