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If your Cruise Control fails.................


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..............& you are inspecting the tubes, do not overlook the T piece behind the washer bottle If it's like mine, it is well concealed & laying at the bottom of a mess of wiper pump wires.

The T piece goes to the CC bellows/actuator.

Remove the washer bottle ( 2 x nuts under the wheel arch & the 2 visible bolts on top)

Result? One split hose.

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Normally the hose and T piece are just laying behind the washer bottle. U was unlucky if you had to remove the bottle to get access.

A tight couple of laps of electrical tape around the hose ends and they won't split there again.

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Yes, it was right in the corner of the firewall & the lower pan.

I have brought it up to lay over one of the bottle top brackets now & it is always visible.

That T & the one under the dash are the only two tight barbed fittings in the circuit & are quite tight to get on. Of course, the engine bay one is open to heat, but at the end of the day the system is now 13 years young, so hey ho. :blink:

Another wrinkle (Capt. Mainwaring :rolleyes: ) I did, was as the vacuum pump has 3 x flexible rubber "pins" & a bugger to align them all the same time with so little access, as I located each one, I threaded a fine tie wire through it underneath to lock it. This stopped it coming out again. Located the next one & did the same & on until the three were located & are now safely tied together.

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Yes my tubes/T piece is now over the back of the washer bottle but only because the tube is now shorter after I cut the damaged ends off.

And have still got the scars as a result of trying to get to the pump..


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