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110 TD5 Fuel Pump

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G`day all,

First time back here in a long time but my 110 has been fairly reliable up until late, now I have an ongoing fuel pump problem and 2 broken rear 1/2 shafts which I need to change this afternoon for my sins.

I have had a bad run with fuel pumps, my first one died at approx 98km, the pump was screaming and the engine was hard to start, so being pushed for time I paid for a new one to be fitted(bad mistake), after fitment of the new pump and filter the starting still was`nt a lot better, but the screaming pump was at least gone, I put it down to a bit of air still in the system and thought I would drive it for a while and see how it goes, but after a couple of weeks it was still no better and the starting was getting worse, so I dropped the fuel tank down and had a look at the lines going into the pump to see if I can find any problems, it looked to me that the centre two lines had been cross connected, so I disconnected all the lines and tried to find what looked like the most logical way to run the lines from the set the rubber pipes had taken, I was sure that the centre two were wrong and swapped them over and put it all back together again.

For the first day or so it started much better which was a bonus but now the pump is making a lot of noise again and it is hard to start so I think my new pump is now buggered.

So before I throw another pump at it does anyone know the correct order the fuel lines go by colour code, I had a look at the RAVE disc and it just says to note the order of pipe location upon disconnection, which is now easier said than done, I am 99% sure I now have the correct location of the pipes into the pump but before I spend a lot more of my hard earned cash on a new pump I would like to somehow double check on the pipe locations before fitting a new pump. They colour code the pipe fittings but dont seem to put similar colour codes on the pump itself, which I found a bit strange.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok Col, looking at the pump with the fittings facing you:

2 Air bleed connection (natural)

3 HP feed connection (green)

4 LP feed connection (blue)

5 LP return connection (black)

These are from right to left just to complicate things.

Here's the picture from the manual:


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Thanks Jim, a picture tells a thousand words, I am going to buy another pump tomorrow and now that I know how they are routed for sure I can see if they did stuff it up first time around or if I have another problem.

Thanks again for the photo.

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Jim x 2 thanks again for your info, I brought a new pump the other day and had a quick look at the pipe location with a tourch and mirror before I ripped it all apart and confirmed they had stuffed the centre 2 pipes and had the HP and LP pipes cross connected, it must have buggered the pump, so another new pump later and it is all running perfectly again.

I tried to at least get a refund on the money I spend getting the first pump fitted but with our customer service attitude and lack of rights it was like bashing my head against a brick wall, but that was to be expected.

At least it starts now, I was worried about getting stranded in the desert and not being able to restart it as it was before.

Thanks again for your help and info.

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