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Cluctch Arm Bracket? Series 2A

Richie Lennox

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Ive got a 1970 series 2a with a major clutch problem...

as the arm comes off the gearbox the brass bush about mid way down the arm is meant to be held in with two small brackets? plates?

however my clutch hasnt be engaging and discovered that one of the brackets are missing so the bush is sliding a bit and well you guess the rest...

does anyone know where on heaven or earth i can find one of them?? or if not how i can get round it?? we thought of getting a plate made but the others worn as well so cant really take much from it :P lol

thanks for any help with this

Richie Lennox

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What you need at some time is to put your location in your profile, then someone might be able to give an appropriate answer to " where on heaven or earth i can find one of them??"

Next you need a parts listing, I use a Heritage CD from Gaydon in the UK, about £10.00 this 60th Anniversary year if you live close, about £16 if you have to pay postage.

What you need is 2 off, "Housing for spherical bearing" Part No. 217983.

Google for 217983 +Series, or 217983 +Clutch, and see if you gat any returns close to wherever you are.

Or wait until someone else comes along and corrects any errors I've made.

Good Luck.

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