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Transfer gearbox front output seal


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:unsure: Has anyone out there had to change the front output shaft seal. Mine is leaking on the drive !!!

I can find plenty of info on the rear one but nothing on the front one. I can't imagine its too bad a job but it would nice to know what to expect.


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Havent replaced it myself but asume its the same as with the other oil seals on the driveline.

Clean the area youre working on.

Off with the propshaft and flange.

Inspect the flange for wear.

Out with the old one.

In with the new one

Put some grease on the new oilseal and flange and put it back

Put some gasket sealent onto the flange to prevent leaks trough splines and on with the washer and tighten it up

And mount the propshaft and done

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