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wont start when hot


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Guys i have a 2 1/4 petrol 90 witha webber carb.. it starts lovely when cold but once driven if left for 10-15 mins it just keeps turning over touch the throttle while cranking it and you can smell fuel.. any ideas?

You will smell the petrol because you not firing. check your plugs for oil cover or a thick layer crud. When you start on cold you will be using the choke out which uses the full jet in the carb not the idle jet. You may need to get the jets cleaned. Also when cranking over check to see you fuel lines for any leaks as this will allow air in causing starvation.

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Could also be an ignition weakness - I've seen petrol engines that will start cold and then fail when warm - due to ignition breaking down. Hold a plug lead (insulated) away from a plug and check for healthy blue spark when cranking. If you get a spark then start to look at the fuel/carb - plus also at anything that was changed immediately before the problem manifested......

(and also don't assume that because ignition bits are new that they are ok - had a lot of duff condensers I've had straight out of the box recently.....)

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