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It can't be this hard!

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Hi Guys,

anybody got any suggestions for getting at the bell housing to flywheel housing nuts/bolts around the starter motor? I've got the rest stripped down and the motor ready to come out, bar these little buggers and the bottom engine mount bolt on the passenger side which I can't get a spanner on! :blink:

Up side is that there is that much oil and muck around that all the nuts and bolts have spun off easily ;)

Many thanks,


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duh - thanks Les, guess I wasn't firing on all four this morning.

tunnel off - now all becomes apparent.

Do you think the block will just lift off the rubber mounts or will I need to remove the metal brackets off the crankcase? Its just that I can't see a way to get the passenger side bracket off. There's not enough space to get a ring on it and my open enders are all to wide to get on the bottom bolt which sits inside the bracket.

Is there a trick I'm missing here?

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As an aside - hopefully not too off topic.

I noticed that when I drained the coolant system the contents were rust coloured - I'm guessing that this means the system is in a pretty poor state. I think there might have been a sheen on the surface as well although there wasn't any sludge or obvious oil contamination.


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You undo the engine mounting bracket on the drivers side, and the engine mounting rubber on the passenger side. The engine will then 'rock off' the mounts and will lift away.

The coolant may well have rust in it, which is why it's orange. This is always caused by no anti-freeze in the system. Anti-freeze is also a rust inhibitor, and normal water will do what it always does - rust things. Continual flushing of the system will eventually get rid of any rust, but it may well take several goes to get clean. 40-60% anti-freeze will keep everything clean internally. If you suspect you have a small amount of oil in there, then add about 1/2 cup of washing powder to the water (no anti-freeze), and drive the vehicle for a while. The likes of Daz, Aerial, Bold - do a very good job of cleaning it all out.


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