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Hi, I'm looking at getting a fridge for my defender - can't really afford to go don the engel route. Anyone had any experience of the waeco ones, specifically this one?


it only goes down to 20'C below ambient, seems more of a chiller rather than a proper fridge. Alternatively anyone got a good one going they want to sell!? ;)

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^^^^what he says.

I've had an engel 45litre job, was too heavy and too big for the 90 so flogged it. Then I borrowed a Waeco 45 litre off a friend, liked it, but was still too big. Now got a 35 litre Waeco which is perfect for my needs. Probably weighs two stone less than the engel, includes a thermal jacket and automatic battery protection too.

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If you are exceedingly patient, the engels can be picked up for reasonable money. I got our 35l thgough eBlag, but it took a lot of waiting and searching before I got it. I recently aquired a 60l one from ebay too, but it is somewhat too large in reality....

having used an electric coolbox, as well as a 3 way fridge (which is the same technology the one you linked to uses) I can honestly say the engel was worth the money and the wait.



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I've just bought one of the Waeco 40 lt. fridges. For me a fridge running on gas seemed a better idea that one that only ran on electricity - it gives more flexibility and when you park up you can set the fridge running on gas, and save the battery in your Landrover.

I can tell you next Monday whether or not it works well ( next weekend a mate and I are off to the Ardennes for a weekend.)

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I have a 40l Waeco compressor type and it is ace. It has been round Europe a couple of times this year keeping food and beer cold and stood in this summer when the household freezer packed up. The digital thermostat is brilliant IMHO as it allows you to set a temperature and it takes care of the rest - unlike the Engel ones where you have to guess at a setting on an analogue control. It is quite big though.

I bought a second hand Engel today. Originally I was told it was a 60l but looking at it I am sure that it is bigger - perhaps 80l. Either way it is blooming huge! I need to look at fitting a decent thermostatic control in place of the existing analogue "twist'n'guess" control.

The big advantage of the compressor type ones is that they are able to maintain a large temperature differential, they use little electricity when compared to other types and you can leave them running in a vehicle for a couple of days without having to consider gas ventilation - although they still put out heat obviously which needs to be vented. During July in Italy when temperatures were up about 40degrees I just left the vent flaps and sunroof open to dissipate heat from the Waeco. There was always Coke, water and beer at 2degrees when I wanted it. :)

My advice to anyone buying one would be, unless you really want/need to use it on gas or if you need to leave a fridge running without charging the battery for more than a few hours at a time, save up the extra cash and buy a compressor type. I have tried the other options.


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