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Bad brakes?

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Hi all,

This is my first post, here's my problem well two really.

First one is a 1989 LR 90 HT fitted with a daihatsu engine, its built for winch challange/punch hunt events so its got all the gear: cage, winchs etc: so its heavy and its running 35" simex tyres.. It's back axle (drums) was changed for a range rover one, all the cailpers have been rebuilt with new seals and pistons, its got braided SS brake hoses fitted, and vented discs at the front and new discs at the rear about 6 months ago.

The vacume pump and servo is working and it's just got a new mastes cylinder.

The braking is carp to put it nicely, what needs to be done to change/or fix this ???

Under the master cylinder theres a valve in the rear brake line can/should this be removed

because of the change to rear discs ?

The second problem is a 1993 200Tdi LR90 HT and it's the same as above set up for challange/punch hunt events (heavy), and it's back axle was changed for a disco one. It's running all new/rebuilt braking kit. It's also fitted with 35" simex and the brakes are poo, it's like a hard pedal but not much braking any ideas ???



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hi, the 200 tdi brake problem sounds like a servo problem to me. with the engine off can you hear it hiss when the pedal is pressed?

your other problem i have no idea..., although i wouldnt remove the brake bias , you could however replace it with a disc braked type.

hope that helps.


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