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Hi to all,

i have just had a new full stainlees steel exhaust system put on d1 3.9 V8 (sounds awesome) but now the engine when on tick over wanders up and down by some 100 rpm.

Do you think this is a result of the new exhaust? or by coincedence some else is causing it?



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anything i can check to see if it that?

You should see the voltage at the lambda sensors swinging about, either between 0 and 1v (more like 0.2-0.8v usually) or for Titania sensors (which many Rovers are) up to 5v. There will be a ground wire, a heater (12v) wire and a signal wire, the signal wire is often co-axial shielded (blue colour) so fairly easy to spot. If it's not moving, rev the engine, it should jump up over 0.5v if it wasn't already.

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