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A Few wiring and other questions from a newbie

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Hi All.

After a long time lurking I finally registered!

Myself and a friend have rebuilt his 87 90. It's 90% mot ready, but there are a few small niggles.

We put a brand new 90 loom in (from Autosparks) and have it almost wired up, apart from the handbrake. Although the brake works, the park light does not come on. I know there should be a wire with a bullet connector going into the lever, but havent got a clue where it comes from or the colour (could probably find the colour but havent got a haynes book at work!)

Does anyone know what I should be looking for?

Secondly, the dashboard illumination doesnt work! Again, what wires do I look for on this?

Thirdly (going to be a long one!) the hazard light on the dash doesnt work, but the hazards them selves do.

Does anyone know how to wire up a TD5 temperatue and fuel guage with the 90 kit? At the moment, the fuel guage shows full all the time, which may be something simple.

Lastly, does anyone know where to get hold of a half rear door (it's a softopped beat now) with hinges, handles locks capping etc?

Hope some of these questions are answerable!

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if the handbrake has a small switch on the side of it then you can connect the white/yellow wire to it. if no switch then it wasn't fitted as standard.

gauge illumination wires are red/white or orange/red on Td5 vehicles

TD5 temp gauge you need the green top 300TDi sender to get the gauge to work correctly

fuel gauge should just connect up by matching the wire colours.

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