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Cable Puller - Brilliant Tool


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I am doing a fair bit of wiring on my 90, especially round the fusebox and dash and after far too long I got a cable puller from AWP: http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/VWP-...php#slitharness

It is really useful for all sorts of things where you need need to thread pipe or cable from one place to another on the vehicle, not just through sleeving.

One end is a stiff spring for threading through sleeving, difficult gaps etc. The other end is a loop to which whatever is being pulled is fixed. For cable, I have found a temporary crimped ring terminal and a mini cable-tie work well.

The brass ends are interchangeable, so you can either thread the puller through and bring the pipe/wire after it, or you can thread the puller through one way, swap the ends and then pull the cable/pipe back through. I also find it useful for measuring cable runs.

Highly recommended.

Needless to say I have no connection with AWP other than as a very satisfied customer.

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I used long ties to start with, but found this gadget really easiy (esp-ecially for three quid) for pushing a way through the loom, especially from the back of the main fusebox, up behind the stereo and through to the dash (300TDi 90), without having to take the whole dash/fascia/everything apart.

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Good tool, but use with caution,if it rubs against another wire in a long loom it will cut through it like saw.

The longer the loom run the more likely it will cut/burn throught the adjacent wires cuasing more harm than good.

Sorry for the down words.


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Guest otchie1
A kids old broken, very thin, cheap fishing rod.... wonderful :)

Any electrical factor will sell you a fishing tape/wire and even a set of thin flexible fishing rods for getting cables fished around. Invaluable.

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