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Starting Problem

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Hello all,

This is going to be a bit of a strange one for you I think.

I am having a problem with starting the Land Rover. Starter motor spins and solenoid works.

However if the gearbox is in neutral or first it just spins, any other gear, reverse, second, third, forth or fifth starts fine. (Transfer in neutral as well of course)

It seems like it may be related, but a mechanic mate of mine said the clutch release bearing is giving up (rattling when clutch released in neutral), new clutch and parts on the way.

Any ideas what may be causing this?

FYI it’s a 1988 2.5TD 90

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I can't see how what gear you're in has anything to do with starting. As long as the tbox is in neutral and/or the clutch is down, the engine really doesn't care.

As you say the engine has no problem turning over, one could assume that the clutch is ok - or is at least releasing ok.

How long have you owned the vehicle? is it possible that a previous owner has wired an inhibit switch using the gear lever?

I'd put a multimeter on the stop solenoid wire whilst someone else tries cranking in various gears.

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I have had the Land Rover a little over a year.

the rattling on release of clutch has only started in the last week, and the starting problem started on Saturday.

When it stops raining I will go out and check the stop solenoid and report back.

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