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Article in Noseweek August 2008


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I read the attached letter written to a Magazine called "noseweek". This Magazine is notorious for it's investigative, factual reporting, sometimes cutting to the bone, and stepping on really "big" toe's. I stand to be corrected, but they do stay out of trouble by checking their facts.

The editor's reply may or may not go down well with all LR fans, but my wife really enjoyed the note, apparently she now understand the LR and a portion of her husbands way of living :rolleyes:

I somehow cannot get the copy of the page legible, so I will quote the editors note:

"You didn't know? Land Rovers are not intended for motoring, they are sold as hobby kits for car maintenance enthusiasts who like to spend their weekends in overalls, on their backs- underneath their vehicles with a set of spanners. - Ed."

The letter was a serious complaint against Land Rover, by a Discovery II TD5 owner, whose TD5 was replaced by the National LR Group, with a Disco II V8, but his experience was even worse, he took on the National LR Group. And then this reply from the Editor.


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Could you make it a little big bigger, just big enough to read. :rolleyes:

Good evening q-rover,

I tried, but my PC software is playing tricks on me, in the meantime I edited the Editor's note, with a very brief summary of the letter. Once I have the bugs out of my PC, I will blow-up the letter and note to legible size.

Sorry for the minute image. :P

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Land Rover: worst by far

In 2003 I purchased a new Land Rover Discovery TD5. After 12 months Land Rover replaced the vehicle with a Discovery V8, due to a suspension arm snapping on the TD5.

But the replacement vehicle has been a nightmare – the Discovery has broken down and needed to be towed no fewer than eight times. It has spent at least two months this year in Sandton Land Rover’s workshop, with repairs exceeding R150 000 so far.

As I write it’s being towed to the garage yet again, where it will undergo a complete engine strip-down – it is suspected that a new engine will have to be installed, at a probable cost of around R100 000.

Land Rover South Africa have backed off, saying the dealer must sort it out. And the dealer says he can only get R100 000 for the monster, where the book value, I believe, is about R150 000. Says a lot about the resale value of Land Rovers.

So all that remains for me is to expose Land Rover’s appalling product quality, matched only by their total disregard for their customers.

If I am not mistaken, their new TV campaign talks of dependability and reliability. But I seem to recall that some time back a customer resorted to taking out a full-page ad about Land Rover being the “worst 4x4 by far”.

I know of two friends who have had their Land Rovers replaced, also because of major problems or defects.

Rob Dodds


You didn’t know? Land Rovers are not intended for motoring, they are sold as hobby kits for car maintenance enthusiasts who like to spend their weekends in overalls, on their backs – underneath their vehicles with a set of spanners.Ed.

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Thanks cipx2, suppose I could have gone that way. ;)

What I do find intriguing is that the complainants are mostly people buying brand new and obviously the top of the range versions of a LR series, and they are totally Dependant on a Dealership for technical assistance.

The moment one is more in control of one's LR maintenance, and you do it/have it done correctly, the frustrations seems to go away.

Having said that I accept that not every LR owner is technically gifted, and unfortunately they are, many times, the victims.

If you like a marque, you will enjoy it, respect it, and look after it. My late father, and myself owned FIATs for many years, without any of the frustrations an problems many people said we would experience. I've owned FIAT, Datsun, Chev, Renault, VW's, Mercedes and Land Rover, and to date have the greatest respect for all of the cars I owned. My dad owned Anglia, Austins, Opel, Mitsubishi Colt Galant, Vw and he was also very happy with all the marques he owned.

There may be exceptions, but the reward for respectfully handling of a vehicle pays you back with good service. ;)

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