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200TDI Disco air filter


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....why you can't run the air box in "reverse" - i.e draw air in through the outlet and out through the inlet?

Due to "packaging" (to use a trendy word :P ) constraints, I need to run it that way round.

Looking at the filter itself I can't see a reason other than the available surface area is obviously less so it will clog quicker. I can't see airflow being affected though as in the normal configuration it would still have to pass through the smaller cross section...

The only other potential problem could be that the outlet is now on one side of the airbox whereas normally it would be central to the filter so draw air through all the filter?

What does the panel think?

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I ran mine that way for a while with no problems at all, then the monkey that controls my brain woke up and steered me round my shed collecting the parts to do the job properly.

I take it you have the air box on the passenger side?? It's fairly easy to connect the snorkel and turbo up, though you need to extend the hose to the turbo intake and perhaps a longer flexi hose to the snorkel.

Piccy attached of my effort...


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