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Those dam wiring problems

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Hi all, i have currenly spent the last four months rebuilding my 90. It's coming to last few stages before the mot is set (friday). i have however a few predicaments which i need your advise on:

1. I have read on the lro forum that there was a tread on here by the name of wibbly wobby. It mentioned somthing about how to replace the old standard guages (temperture and fuel) to those of the td5. On the back they are set with a three pin connector, i no longer have this. I have then tryed to work it out by taking the two green wires (exsisting) one single and one with two and swapped them around. This then in one position caused the needles to fly to right and continues to stay there even when the engines is on. i then tried to place an earth on it again no luck (trying in different postions), just causing the needle to turn back to the left! I am out of ideas on this one! :(

2. Sorry for this! I have recenlty placed a new wiring loom throughout the vehicle, noticed ( checking process) that the handbreak warning light doesn't work (bulb is fine as the oil light is the same) looking under the footweld i noticed it isn't connected. :blink: I know it continues under the bulkhead and up into the loom of wires situated on the outside of the bulkhead. I know it goes there, but if anyone can point it out which block of wires it goes into, that would be wonderful!

3. It continues, as above the new loom has caused loads of issues. Though this is for the best this particular point has never really worked ( on of about 5 mins, twice in the year on the old loom). Its the ilumination on the dash. I know that there is a red and white wire that comes up under the dash and into the lights. Howevever as many times i have tried this it does not appear to work. :angry: trying differnent earth's on the battery guage i took the bulb out and attached it to a seperate live and it works, guessing it's not that bulb. It appears that the red and white wire has no power, though i have not tried it with a volt meter as of yet, i thought that some one out there would be able to help. :(

I apolagise for the above questions, if someone could help on this matter it would be grateful appreiated. Thankyou in advance

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