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Shockers.......make & Models ?

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Hello all,

The rear suspension mods has now moved to the top of the "Top Do" Pile.

Without going into chapter and verse as to what I have planned (weel, it may not work for one !), I am now building a shopping list for things I can't make :


Ideas please for Makes and Models, and why maybe they are so good ?

I will need some for the front too, so, I am after :

2x rear shockers, happy with Eye to Eye maountings at each end (Versus Landys which have Eye at the top, and Pin at the bottom)

Rears I will need 2x shocks that have 14-15 inch TRAVEL

Fronts 2x that have 11-12 inches travel

Ideas please !

Web sites, models, and why is what you recomend so good ?

when it done, and IF it works I'll then let you know - with pics !!, er, and if it doesn't then I won't !!! :(

Nige :ph34r:

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Rancho RS0912's with Rockware trick rear shock mounts for an extra 6in of droop.


Rockware is good kit with a excellent reputation for quality and doing exactly what it says it should. If you have fancy having a go at making your own, there's enough of an idea from pics on site to get you started.


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Ex-Tec(sp??) do something similar to that frame slider/skid plate.

Protecting against the trailing arm mounts getting hooked up is worth while. Some of the safari race boys cut the mounts of and stick them on the opposite way round (especially if converting to radius srms on the rear) to stop them being ripped off. Does limit the articulation a bit though, which isn't really an issue in racing

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The rockware system is one of the ideas I have used to come up with my cunning plan, 14inch may just be enough, 15 gives me a safety margin....

Procomps may well be cheap and cheerfull, I've also heard that whilst thye are strong they are not that good a shock, but they are cheap....

they also usde 5/8 mounts so good and strong, the MX6 range is up market - but theres nothing that much travel :angry:

Any other shocks ?

Fox are good, actually VERY good but you need gassing equip to reset / alter, which is quite cheap but I then would need to find nitrogen gas supply to regas..... PITFA


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I should think those things they use for damping out movement of tall buildings in earthquakes should be about right in terms of the weight you're trying to stop bouncing up and down

As I have nothing else to contribute to this discussion I'll go now. Quickly :ph34r:

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Humpf :blink: the 90s not that heavy FFS, seems everyone thinks it weighed down with gawd knows what - its not, I'll take a guess theres many on this forum whose 90s are heavier than mine, so there, Nuuuuh, of to sulk now in the corner, with a bit of 10mm plate to keep me compnay ;)

Procomps seem to be a high on the list 1st attempt, foxes are nice, but er, not cheap at all....

Jon W and Tonk both use ES9000s and if those 2 RuffA&ses can't wreck them then they have to have a high 'BS' rating :D

I KNOW I'm going to regeret this, but why do you think me 90 is so heavy ???

Now, the hybrid, yeah, that was :lol::lol: very very heavy....



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Er.........we both use Es3000's.........

Nah - the only reason your 90 isnt that heavy is casue you get everyone else to drive your clobber around! Your kittygripper is still in the back of my truck from slindon!

Ah..........the hybrid.........I remember stripping that..........the "spacer" under the cubby box..........a 12"x12" square of 1" thick solid steel!!!!!!!! A bit of MDF would have done the job!!!! :rolleyes:

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