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Lucas switches


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I looks very much like I'm going to have to change my headlight switch soon on my Defender.

Now two things bother me !!! :o

The price and how long it will last. :ph34r:

I have three Lucas switches.Ex Morris Oxford or Austi A60 and one from a Morris Minor

The terminals are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Does anybody know which wire is supposed to fit where??

Or which terminal is the feed to the switch???

I eat rat poison


I can cause trouble in amn empty house !!!!

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The Lucas replacement switch I recently fitted is Lucas part SQB129, none of the terminals are identified on the old switch.

Yes Ralf but that switch has the wires fitted that go to the multiplug.

I'm putting the old pull/pull switch in.

I cn't remember which is the feed.

I could of cours test but knowing which is which is easier.

I'm not paying 40 quid for a new switch.

I eat rat poison.


I can cause trouble in an empty house .

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