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What's Chris f****d-up now?


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I finally got around to investigating the problem. It was not, as I had hoped, the fuel pump belt (driven off the "back" of the cam). I then hoped it was either a fuel pump timing issue or a bubble in the fuel somehow. Sadly, when I started turning the engine to check the timing, it became apparent that the fuel pump belt was not turning - but the cam belt was. My first thought was that the cam must have broken. Further investigation revealed the terrible truth. I will have the head off this weekend and make investigations as to the extent of the damage. Anyone got any clues? I have priced up a recon. head at £320inc. Just hopeing that the damage will be confined to the head and that the (presumably expensive) pistons are OK.

Tim - Yes, I am wishing I had stumped up the extra and just bought from a dealer but on the other hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I reckon I may yet end up spending about the same... it will be close though! I will also be an expert in L-series engines. :) Ever the glutton for punishment I bought a Pug 406 Hdi from auction this week - ex-fleet though, not a private entry. It is too nice to sell on though. :) Imagine, a car that turns it's own headlamps on when it gets dark and the wipers on when it rains!

Si - Yes, the Floda.


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This morning:


Not as bad as I had thought it might be, I was expecting valves turned sideways and protruding from pistons and stuff. Guess which valves hit the pistons?


Number 1 inlet looks OK.


Number 4 exhaust valve, however, seems to be a little further to one side of the seat than is reasonable. Rather a poor photograph I am afraid but you can just make it out.


Some pistons.


Some more pistons. Any opinions as to whether the pistons are OK? They do not appear to be cracked but I have yet to perform a proper examination.


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Imagine, a car that turns it's own headlamps on when it gets dark and the wipers on when it rains!

Don't have to, the sandbags Mk.V Golf does this, which is fine unless the guy at the tyre place turns off the auto headlights while fitting some new tyres, and then you drive home with no lights on!

Why are all these cars flashing their lights at me? :blink:;)

[voice of doom]Could there be damage to the crank or conrods? If so, how would you check without stripping the whole engine down?[/voice of doom]

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