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A bit OT in that it has nowt to do with Land Rovers, but today saw me add some good photos to my collection so I thought I'd post them :D

Crossing a valley close to town this morning to do a 5 minute job, a rather large Hitachi hit a bit of a soft spot


Really quite deep :o now this would normally be quite a good photo for the collection but things were to get worse yet!


First attempt to free it using a Cat D5


which just buried it a bit further - the problem being that it was sooo soft that every movement made the Hitachi sink a bit more



Having decided that the only way was to dig to hard ground a second (lighter!) digger was commandeered and started to dig the Hitachi out but had some problems of its own and needed a tug from the D5


Trenching towards hard(er) ground....


By this time the entire machine except for the arm was below ground level and there were some major problems with slop getting into both the cab and the engine compartment


and while it had the awesome power to pull itself forwards, rather a lot of goo was starting to build up in front! The cab was half full of semi liquid peat at one point....


Gonna be a while before this grasses over again :unsure:


Eventually when slightly harder ground was reached, using the D5 as an anchor point and digging its own (huge) bucket right into the ground to haul itself forward and lift, the Hitachi started to get out


And success :)


Bit of cleaning for somebody to do now though; 3 diggers and a bulldozer to wash :blink: not to mention a few new windows to make :unsure:

9 hours from start to finish!

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The guy who planted it told me the Hitachi was about 30 tons :)

Somebody said the little Halla that dug it out was 13 tons

Mo the diggers are just used in the general construction industry, building roads, that sort of stuff. Not many people still burn peat here but for anybody that does, I can vouch for the quality of that bog being excellent - where it got stuck was actually while traversing one of the old (now disused) peat bogs where they used to cut peat for fuel. The bloke who used to cut his peat a little further up the valley turned up at one point and said that it used to be 18 feet deep in his bog, but I don't think that was what they wanted to hear right at that point :blink::lol:

The big digger (which I think is the biggest in the Islands) was on its way to shift a 20 foot ISO container. And - well as they say a short cut is the longest distance between 2 points :D

The little one was just the nearest one that could be blagged at short notice to deal with the situation!

It is also a good illustration of why tall narrow tyres that dig down to something hard aren't a great deal of use around these parts :rolleyes:

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Yes I think the MM might have made heavy weather of it James :D

It shows what treacherous stuff peat is to drive on, the ground on the run up to where he bogged really looked not much different to many of my normal photos but the ruts tell the story of what is six inches below the surface


You always have to bear in mind that there is an evil black stinking monster lurking down there and if you open up the ground for a look it will eat you! :ph34r:

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Cool B) I have just figured out how to make my first million B)

Page 81 of the Feb 06 issue of LRE, there is (yes really) spray on mud!

[break out calculator]

75cc of this costs £7.95

how many times does 75cc go into about 400 cubic metres :unsure:


according to my calculations that should be 5333333 bottles of spray on goo

@ £7.95

= £42,400,000

Anybody want a new supercharged RR Sport? - they're on the house :lol:

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