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Freelander high level brake ligt on Series 2A


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I have just fitted a freelander high level brake light to my Pivylock wheel carrier.... This I how I did it:


Got a freelander wheelcarrier off eBay (about £25 – 40)

If you try and lay the whole Freelander wheel carrier over the pivylock wheel carrier it don’t fit! Its too small and also if you try to fit the tyre it will be like this:



So you have to cut it up and offset it.


Make a bracket up and drill holes: (making sure it all fits together inc refitting the wheel!!)


Strengthen it, weld it to the Pivylock and paint it:



Wire it up and job done



Took me about 6 hours, that includes watching paint dry and taking off and putting the spare wheel on about 25 times to ensure it all fits!!!

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