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Tyre sizes


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As Ralph says, it should be 100% aspect ratio, so 9" wide, but also each sidewall is (in theory) 9" high.


after years of just reading, thought i'd finally register and start things off with a nerdy post.

i'm led to believe imperial sizing is infact 92% of width, but i cant remember the sources of such info.

and those tyres pictured ar not 9.00's, but 255/100r16's as denoted by the split in the middle block of tread (allegedly introduced as older xcl's had a tendency to split down the single middle block) although you can probably read it on the side.

mighty fine tyres as you may have ascertained from the e-e website waxing lyrical about them.

i'd add a piccy of them on a 110, but i dont think you can attach files on this forum.

if you're considering using them they're super heavy and can make braking interesting and will doubtless destroy stock drivetrain unless you're street cruising. you probably wont be able to burst them off road too easily though.

as i cant post any landie pics, here's some cruisers wearing them


http://www.desert-tec.de/desert3.jpg that one has 9.00's not 255/100's



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