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Td5 Wastegate Actuator Length???


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I am after anyone with a td5 having a quick look uder the bonnet please.

having just dismantled my turbo and put it back together and would like to check the length of the wastegate actuator rod is correct.

(i know i should have measured it before taking it apart)

if possible please could some count the number of exposed threads on their actuator rod from where they start to the nut?

many thanks in advance.

on a side note i pressume if the rod is too short this means the gate stays closed for longer or is it the other way around?

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Guest diesel_jim

Make sure you get it right... I tried shortening mine to give it some extra "go", and it immediately went into "limp home" mode and reduced the (already poor performance) by a considerable amount.

I re-adjusted it, but it stayed in LHM, so i had to take it to my $tealership who spent a happy several hours trying to fathom out why the boost "had mysteriously increased", as they could read it off of their testbook PC.

I just shrugged my shoulders....

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cheers for the info.

i have just got a replacement turbo and that had 14 showing, i was going to phone them tomorrow to confirm as it was looking like 11 was std, but 14 now sounds good to me.

thanks for getting back to me

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