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one for the historians


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my sw tub has different lamp clusters to the ones on the hard top:


[all are round lamps save the number plate lamp]

while the hardtop has rectangular reverse/fog lamps.

so, what year is the sw tub? Is it series III, should it fit either way? who's going to win the world cup? :)

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Not sure about S3 but my S2 has both stop/tail and brake lights in the top corners (one above the other).

The other indicator on age will be whether the corner strips are galv (pre '89ish?) or painted.

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Military S3s had round fog and reverse lights.


most likely ex-military, round lights same as military 90/110 [not XD/Wolf] vehicles. unless a previous owner has fitted them. also late S3 models had the rear lights in the same position as 90/110s - stop/tail at the top with indicators lower down.

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if it's asymmetric like the drawing then you'll want to throw it away anyhow...

asymmetric is the sign of a true artist. Do you think Mona Lisa's smile was really that wonky? :D

<bad taste>then there's van gogh's self-portraits..</bad taste> :huh:

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From your drawing the tub looks like a 90 tub. Three rear lights in an L shape pattern is usually 90/110. Series rear lights are two lights at the top, one above the other. Plus early Series stop/tail lenses are larger than indicator lenses, and incorporate the number plate light by way of a clear strip on the bottom edge of the lense.

However, I would have thought the shape of the rear wheel arches would be the dead giveaway. Series wheel arches are rounded, and trail off slightly towards the rear. 90/110 wheel arches are more angular, and usually have plastic spats around the edge.

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I'd be surprised at a 90 tub, as it looks as though it's for a 110 sw.. front descending to a lower level.

I'm told the sides are identical to a series 88" sides? I suppose the angled part for the lower doors being a separate part, that's well possible, although doesn't match up with what you say, Dale, re: wheel arches. There were a pair of spats with it.

I'm told the round lamps are 'custom' so I suppose that indicates the tub originally had rectangular lamps, they were replaced to make it resemble newer models..

the tub just currently looks as though it's had a bit of a harder life than the hardtop tub had had. Still, a bit of tidying up should sort that.

have to remember to check the galv/painted corners, although the tub's been repainted in its lifetime; sounds as though it's definitely not [pre-83] series at least, plus as work progresses, it looks an increasingly better fit, with a minimal amount of "persuading" :D

on the military front, did I understand from reading a different thread that military lamps are 'mushroom' shaped, so would the lamp holders look different to non-military? The lamp holders on the tub are recognisably similar to normal ones.

"call me pablo" B)

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