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price for def110csw

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6.5-7k more if it were a 90

Easy Tony brake it to his gently :blink::blink:

What history does it have

is there any rust on the rear cross member

has it has any new gaskets or gear box's etc

Is the millage genuin my dads before he died 110 county 'S' plate was around the 400k mark so 130 is high but far from the end of its life.

What is the condition of the front seat has it warn what is the generall internal condition

sell it through Auto Trader you will get much more for it.

If you sell somthing too cheap buyer's think you are hiding somthing and think there is somthing wrong with the car.

I have many times tried to sell a car and not had any intrsest take it out of the paper up the price a grande take a new photo and back in the paper two weeks later and it will sell with in a few days.

People think there getting somthing better for there money.

I only say this on here as I never manage to sell anything on this forum so it does not matter.

Only do this if you are totaly confident in the car.

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Assuming its a station wagon put it in autotrader etc..

On forums you get lots of people looking for deals, asking questions and requesting photos.

I have had all the above, but never a sale.

I put a TD5 110 station wagon on here (old LRE forum) and got the usual reponses, put it in autotrader for the same amount and it was sold by 10am on the morning the mag came out.

I'd go for 7.5k and see what happens. You can come down but never go up. Station wagon prices are similar to 90 prices.


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Vehicle is dent free and needs a flipping good wash and valet

drivers seat belt may need changing for MOT

can't se any drips underneath

side runners, cubby box and cd player/ header will be removed and centre centre be put back in

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Don't listen to them!

90's are ten a penny. 110 Station Wagons are like hens teeth. Just try looking for a good one and you will see what I mean.


I agree with this post completely! i looked for a 110 county for 3 bloody months last year and saw a shed load of dross. If I wanted a 90 they were everywhere. I flew to collect it and drove 350 mile home as I couldn't find a 110 county 200tdi that was in standard condition (but not completely clapped out!). I paid £4800 for a 1993 in better nick (and less miles ) than some I saw for £6000 closer to home!

Its a bit like houses really. Its worth what the buyer will pay for it.

It looks tidy, valet it and pop it in auto trader. One of the posts above has a point, if its too cheap you may struggle to get a buyer as were a suspicious bunch!


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