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Over the past week when I have tried to start the defender 200tdi its been a little difficult last saturday I started it and white smoke poured out up the drive (I suspected it was just the cold weather). this morning at -2 I let the pre heater light go off, and it wouldnt start - turned over ok, after a few repeated attempts it did start again with white smoke, which cleared. I am assuming this is a glow plug related issue. And this is where I could use some advice from the experts...

1) Does this sound reasonable

2) What is the correct process of elimination

Thanks in advance

OilIT ;)

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Wonder if the stop solenoid is sticking slightly

If it turns over but wont start I say little or no fuel is reaching the injectors......

smoke could be water or condensation


white is water

blue is oil

black is fuel

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Normally cold weather problems with diesels are heater plugs.

So first thing is to take them out.

Then test them.

To test.Connect a length of wire to the plug terminal and clamp it to the pos battery terminal.Then with a pair of pliers hold the bit the goes into the head.Not the heated bit,to the negative terminal.

The plug should glow red within seconds.

Any that come out in a black oily state will test knackered.

You should be able to buy new ones at your favourite spares shop.

Fit a full set if one is knackered.You then have spares for another time!!!!!!


I eat rat poison


I can cause trouble in an empty house !!!

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